Inspiration by Hunter Douglas




    Inspiration by Hunter Douglas is a platform for the Hunter Douglas “Window Shades for Luxury Living” 3rd Ed., built from the ground up for iPad. This paper-based coffee table book turns into an engaging , interactive tool for interior designers and people who are into interior designing for personal and commercial use. Inspiration by Hunter Douglas is a complete different way to view Asian projects that were featured in the coffee table book. It includes:

    • Fast and easy browsing between different types of room.
    • Quick access to product information and video.
    • Winning designs from interior designers and architects across Asia.
    • Complete reference of previous publications in Inspiration Library section.
    • Bookmark your favourite images
    • Dealer locator that locates the nearest Gallery dealers in Asia. (Note: internet connection is required)

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    “Inspiration by Hunter Douglas “ 是Hunter Douglas精裝圖書 “Window Shades for Luxury Living 3rd Ed.” 的iPad版延續。我們熱烈推介這個創新及互動的Apps給各室內設計人員及愛好者。有別於傳統的家居設計圖書, “Inspiration by Hunter Douglas “能全面及互動地呈現Hunter Douglas 窗飾的產品資訊及應用圖片, 其內容包括:

    • 快速瀏覽不同房間類型
    • 快速連結至產品資料及短片
    • 亞洲區設計師及建築師的獲獎設計
    • 窗飾設計圖書過往出版紀錄
    • 可隨意收藏喜愛圖片
    • 就近經銷商位置搜尋器 (注意: 應用時需具備網絡連線)

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    Inspiration by Hunter Douglas 는헌터더글라스의 “Window Shades for Luxury Living’ 두번째에디션을 iPad로보실수있는플랫폼입니다. 기존의커피테이블북을인테리어디자이너및인테리어에관심있으신많은분들이쉽게이용하고또소통하기위한툴로만든것입니다. Inspiration by Hunter Douglas는책과는또다른매력적인기능을가지고있습니다.

    • 다양한 룸 타입을 빠르고 쉽게 검색
    •빠른 제품 설명 및 비디오 탐색
    •아시아 지역의 인테리어 디자이너, 건축가의 디자인
    • Inspiration Library Section 에서 이전 자료 검색
    •좋아하는 이미지 즐겨찾기
    •아시아 지역의 가장 가까운 갤러리 딜러 찾기 (주의: 인터넷 연결이 필요합니다.)

    보다자세한정보를원하시면, www.hunterdouglas.asia를방문해주십시오.