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    Keep is a newest product include multi-purpose smart alarm, closer items tracking device, remote control functions.

    You can through Keep App to add and modify the various functions to make it become a good anti-lost alarm at any times. It will automatic alarm to remind you when out of the set conditions. Keep makes your life do not have to worry about the phone, the kids or pet get lost and valuables stolen.

    You can also let the Keep key transformed into a mobile phone remote control to command your phone camera, sound recording or video recording.

    Start Keep App, put Keep on your parked car, No matter where you go, Keep App will locate your car position.

    It only needs one button battery will be able to work long days, the power consumption is surprisingly low!

    Note: Currently support Keep new bluetooth 4.0 technology of intelligent equipment are: the iPhone 4s and its successor, the iPod Touch5 and its successor, the iPad3 and its successor. Soon there will be more and more intelligent devices support the Keep.
    Disclaimer: Some of the Keep App's feature needs to run in the background and calls the GPS, if you do not need these features, you can modify or close the relevant option in the Keep App.
    More informations, please visit the official website: