LBEXCHANGE app is offered by the City of Long Beach, Long Beach Environmental Services Bureau, Long Beach Exchange Program, Waste Management and State of California. The LBEXCHANGE app is designed to facilitate the exchange of donated goods within Long Beach between non-profit organizations and members of the public. Wow! A re-use and recycle app.

    Do you have something you want to donate to a non-profit? "Scroll" them up with the new LBEXCHANGE app. It's quick and easy to use by zip code!

    With the LBEXCHANGE app you can continue to do your part to protect the environment. LBEXCHANGE identifies locations for recycling and redemption within the City of Long Beach. This too makes it a very useful lifestyle app that you will use over and over again.

    The LBEXCHANGE app is developed by pC Help? Professionals and LBEXCHANGE app's artwork is designed by Freeth/Moroz, Inc.. LBEXCHANGE app is made possible by the City of Long Beach with a grant from the State of California which was administered and managed by Waste Management.