My museum Mixaportrait




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    Into the mixer put your face, add those of your friends and the stars of the history of art. Give it all a whizz and dress yourself up in the most incredible portraits. Classical, impressionist, cubist or surrealist, your 'Mixaportraits' will be real masterpieces ! Share them with your friends and challenge them to find the owner of those eyes, that nose, those lips !!

    1)Take a photo of your subject.
    Use the camera on your iphone or iPad to take a photo of the subject of your choice.

    2)Mix and Remix !
    The ‘MIX’ button lets you mix the photo you have chosen with portraits by the greatest art masters. Several million portraits await behind this button. Go ahead and press it and get the best ‘Mixaportrait’.

    3)Share with your friends
    Whether impressionist, cubist, abstract or surrealist, your mixed portraits will be true works of art! Share them with your friends on the social networks.

    4)Dress up your mixed-up portraits !
    It's carnaval time ! Everything you need to dress up your mixed-up ,portraits ! With just one click you can add a potato nose, a handlebar moustache, Brezhnev eyebrows or Lady Di lashes ! Click and click again...there are over 100 accessories in the dressing-up box to pull out and try on !

    5)Let your imagination run wild !
    Add stripes, take away artworks, play with vertical mixes...hone down the art of 'Mixaportrait' for evermore original results !

    Mixaportrait is the very original meeting point between a creative studio and a game of chance . In a random fashion, the player can mix a portrait photo with other portraits to create 'mixaportraits'. Over a hundred accessories let you customize your portraits and share them on social networks .
    A truly creative game of chance, 'Mixaportrait'is a makeover (or booth) application aimed at a family audience.