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    Strength in Numbers is the FIRST AND ONLY app with a dedicated numerology inbox - truly revolutionizing the numerology app world! SiN 1.2 is the very first numerology app where you can receive direct, updated messages and that lets you interact directly with a team of expert numerologists, straight from your smartphone. SiN 1.2 has a unique daily message & advice feature that can send you updates about your numerology reading, each and every day! Y

    SiN also provides your and your friends' numerology readings based on birth date! Find out about tendencies of people and the energy of numbers. This app can answer all these questions and more - anytime, anywhere. Welcome to the journey of discovery...

    With Strength in Numbers Numerology, you can:

    - Create a profile and find out more about your relationships with your friends using Facebook, your phone contacts, or entering their names manually.
    - Discover and learn how to calculate Emotional Core numbers
    - Discover and learn how to calculate Ruling numbers
    - Discover and learn how to calculate the numbers (and characteristics) that influence & dictate relationships between people
    - Find out what year in the 9-year life cycle you are currently in
    - Find out more about your personal tendencies, and why certain people act the way they do
    - Connect and share with your friends on Facebook
    - Receive daily numerology messages and advice
    - Send your numerology questions to our team of expert numerologists

    What is Strength in Numbers?
    Strength In Numbers is a hybrid of numerology and the study of energy within and between people. It can be used to help develop a heightened awareness of emotions and thought processes, and recognize where they come from. By understanding and embracing the principles presented by Strength in Numbers, people will be able to discover a less stressful reality and unravel some of life’s mysteries.

    Strength in Numbers can be used to help you identify and alter your own predisposed strengths & weaknesses, and as a social tool to help you find compatibility in both existing and future relationships.

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