Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis and Meditation

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    * Perfect for anyone! Great for beginners or those with hypnosis and meditation experience *
    * Over 3 MILLION downloads sold *

    ◊ Lose weight faster
    ◊ Make eating healthier easier
    ◊ Feel more motivated and energized
    ◊ Feel confident and strong

    Save HUNDREDS of dollars and get all the benefits of hypnosis in the comfort of your own home. This one-of-a-kind hypnosis program truly brings you the power of hypnosis in the palm of your hand.

    Short Induction - Perfect for a quick hypnosis session, this induction is approximately 10 minutes long.

    Long Induction - Soothe and relax your body and mind with this 15 minute induction.

    Sleep Induction - Great for sleeping the whole night through. Listen to this induction at bedtime and get all the benefits of hypnosis while you sleep.

    ◊ 3 Induction choices
    ◊ 4 background animation choices
    ◊ Wake or Sleep endings
    ◊ Create a playlist
    ◊ Optional alarm clock
    ◊ UNLOCK ALL PROGRAMS FOR ONLY $'ll save over 70%

    ◊ Weight Loss
    ◊ Deep Sleep
    ◊ Motivation
    ◊ Exercise Motivation
    ◊ Confidence Boost
    ◊ Law of Attraction
    ◊ Lucid Dreaming
    ◊ Stress Relief
    ◊ Deep Relaxation
    ◊ Face Your Fears
    ...and over 80 more!

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