Wedding Countdown




    Count down to your wedding with all these customizable features!

    - FLEXIBLE countdown units - works in any combo of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, and even special units like “heartbeats” and “kisses”! (eg. “3 months 15 days” or "82 kisses")

    - FILTERS for background photos!

    - Any PHOTOS - your own or from our wealthy library of free photos, sort them and flip through them while counting down!

    - Your SONG - personalize the countdown with your favorite love song.

    - DRAGGABLE countdown display - position it wherever you want.

    - FONT types, font colors, background colors - select from a list of fonts and change the font color and background color of the countdown display.

    - TRACK ANNIVERSARIES - re-live the magical moment of your wedding!

    - SMART TOOLBAR - hidden until you tab on the screen, lets you fully enjoy the countdown view.

    - Works in PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE modes.

    - SHARE snapshots of your countdown - by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email.

    +++ Premium Features +++

    + FRAMES and all FILTERS for background photos!

    + Your OWN PHRASE - "we become Mr. & Mrs.", "the start of our beautiful journey", "our forever starts".

    + SLIDESHOW mode with customizable animation styles and speeds.

    + MULTIPLE countdowns - bridal shower, pre-wedding party, the wedding day - count down to all of them and order them in the way you like.

    + BADGE countdown - see how many days till your big day without having to launch the app!

    Congratulations on your wedding!

    Fill each moment with the excitement of anticipation. Make each second count!

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