Yi Jing

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    Ancient oracle meets modern device! Deal with life's challenges more meaningfully. Tap into your inner self. Find the translation that speaks to you. Ask questions, use the oracle, manage a journal, and browse multiple book translations.

    Ask questions...

    * Specify a topic
    * Enter a question or phrase
    * Toss coins by shaking
    * Or manipulate yarrow stalks
    * Or toss dice
    * Or use Stephen Karcher's Circle of Protectors
    * Or navigate Michael Tingle's I Ching Mandala
    * Or use the Quick option
    * Or use manual input

    Manage a journal...

    * Multi-line questions & notes
    * Sort by topic, hexagram or date
    * Search by keyword
    * Present, Changes and Future
    * Add your own notes
    * Switch translations for readings
    * Mail journal entries
    * Sync over iCloud

    Browse the book...

    * Multiple book translations
    * Chinese with Pinyin phonetics
    * King Wen Hexagram numbers
    * Trigram descriptions
    * Component Trigrams
    * Ruling Lines
    * Related Hexagrams

    English translations...

    * A Library tab makes it easy to switch books
    * "Yi Jing - Book of Transformations" by Brian Arnold
    * "A Guide to the I Ching" by Carol K. Anthony (English and German)
    * "Yi Jing / Book of Changes" by Gregory C. Richter
    * "I Ching Oracle" by Nigel Richmond

    Other translations...

    * "Language of the Lines", English (Nigel Richmond)
    * "Taoist I Ching", English (Gia Fu Feng with Frank Kegan)
    * Original Chinese (two versions)
    * "I Ging", German (Wilhelm)
    * "Yi Jing", Japanese (Yo Fujiwara)
    * "Yi Jing", in French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian (Arnold)

    More books for in-app purchase...

    * "The I Ching or Book of Changes" (Book I, II and III) by Richard Wilhelm
    * "The Laws of Change" by Jack Balkin
    * "I Ching: Walking Your Path, Creating Your Future" by Hilary Barrett
    * "The Complete I Ching" by Taoist Master Alfred Huang
    * "I Ching: Navigating Change" by Stephen Karcher
    * "The I Ching Workbook" by R.L. Wing
    * "The I Ching: The Book To Turn To For Wisdom And Guidance" by Michael Hurn with Claire Hurn

    Other key features...

    * Straightforward and elegant interface
    * Option to represent coin heads as Yang
    * Option to cast coins using Yarrow stalk probabilities
    * Portrait and landscape orientation
    * Resources to access help and online I Ching resources

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