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    The Redi-Videos Advanced First Responder app is a complete audio/video first aid training course in English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese, instructed and demonstrated by certified Red Cross instructors and displayed on your mobile device.

    The course contains all material from standard certified first aid courses, plus advanced techniques including:
    • Traction Splints
    • K.E.D
    • HAINES Roll
    • Helmet Removal
    • Standing Take Down

    The Advanced First responder application is divided into two section:

    3. The Complete Training Course
    4. The Perform First Aid section that allows you to access the techniques quickly in case of emergency.

    As a first aid professional or trainer, this application offers you instant access to the techniques required for your training.

    It also has the following benefits:

    • Can be replayed as many times as necessary for you to understand the content in preparation for taking a certified course.
    • As regulations and techniques change, this application will be updated and you will be emailed so you can download the new content free of charge.
    • Lesser need to carry around bulky manuals or training material, or remember where they are stored.
    • Your phone offers a built in light source, so you can reference the information in the dark or poorly lit areas.