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    AnzuRep gives medical industry reps the tools they need to browse, organize, present and share product information, educational material, and videos to physicians.

    With AnzuRep you can:

    • Browse a library of your company's published content.

    • Make presentations using a app branded with the look and feel your company.

    • Display content that is already available to physicians whose medical societies licensed to use AnzuMedical.

    • Access multi-media content such as videos, audio, external links and high resolution images linked directly into publications making presenting product information a much more engaging experience.

    • Highlight any text.

    • Create notes and attach them to highlighted text or to any embedded object such as links and images.

    • Attach your own content to any note. Attachments can include video, images, audio recording or external links.

    • Create your own binders, collections of notes and bookmarks to organize content into important topics to make your sales calls more productive.

    • Zoom in and out of text and images to emphasize important information.

    • Publications download quickly because they are typically 10 to 15 megs in size. All associated media is streamed on demand.

    • A notes collator makes it easy to find previously recorded notes and associated attachments.

    • Powerful search and advanced search let you find content inside any publication quickly.

    • Multiple navigation tools make it quick and convenient to navigate through any publication.