Associate for iPhone

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    This is the mobile companion to the Associate enterprise digital dictation system.

    Dictation is the most efficient way to capture thoughts, ideas and create content for others to translate.

    Associate is a complete digital dictation system that helps you gain time, organize your world and effortlessly capture up to 3 times the information you normally do during meetings or interviews.

    complete with workflow automation and integration with Dragon for voice to text translation; Associate effortlessly becomes your personal productivity system.

    coupled with a private dashboard for work management and conversion, the user is empowered to convert, listen or pass the file on to someone else to work with.

    Associate for iPhone and iPad turns these respective devices into mobile access points.

    Knowledge workers, executives, doctors and lawyers all know this as the fastest way to capture information and transfer what they think, see and hear for use at a later time or to be translated into another format.

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