Designed for the healthcare provider, CheckAid is a simple, portable tool, or “aid” for implementing checklists. The idea for this tool came from the WHO Safe Surgery Checklist for daily preparation of the operating room for a patient. CheckAid brings together two simple yet powerful aspects: “point of care” use and “version” control. Now, one can have in hand, at the point of care, the most recent version of a particular checklist. Checklists to import will be organized by institutions, so the user can review the lists available for their institution as well as others, and then decide which ones to use and import into their personal list.

    CheckAid offers…

    Importing checklists from a particular institution. (internet connection required)
    Utilizing a checklist already imported offline.
    iCloud enabled: so start a checklist on one device and finish it on another (internet connection required).
    Take notes on items skipped when implementing a checklist.
    Search for a particular name or institution.
    Use in portrait or landscape mode.

    How to Use

    Open the list you have chosen and follow the items which are presented in a logical sequence based on work flow. There are three ways to use the tool.
    1. After you complete your usual setup for the case, you can use the checklist to review each item to make sure that your work is finished and you are ready to start. This method provides a double check of your preparation.
    2. Use the checklist from the first step to guide your actions. Follow each item in order and check off as completed. This method provides only a single check of your preparation.
    3. Use a two person “hear back-read back” method of completing the checklist. One person reads the items and the other person repeats the item once it is complete. This method provides a double check of your preparation.


    CheckAid does sync across your devices with iCloud and update itself automatically as checklists change. If your institution or group develop and implement this tool, then each provider using it will always have the latest in hand. You can create your own checklists unique to your site or use the ones provided. To do so, contact support and request a checklist be added to the list.

    Adding Checklists:

    Contact CheckAid support if you have a checklist that you want to add to the application:


    The checklists included in this program are applicable only to the members of the institutions from which they originated. Further, the intent of the checklists are to serve as “aids” for the practitioner using them and in no way replaces best clinical judgement, nor can they encompass all clinical situations. The user of this application acknowledges that these checklists are intended as “aids”, and they agree that the writers of these checklists will not be held responsible for any unintended outcomes in situations where they were used.