Critical APPraisal




    Critical APPraisal is the first and only smart phone app dedicated to helping healthcare professionals in critically appraising medical literature. In the every-changing world of modern evidence based medicine, doctors and other healthcare professionals are flushed with large volumes of clnical research. Determining what is good evidence that can be put into clinical practice is challenging and yet important. Critical APPraisal will help guide you through this process and gives you the tools start critically appraising medical research!


    1. Guide: Use this brief summary on how to read a medical research paper to get started.

    2. AppraiseTM Tool: This revolutionary AppraiseTM tool gives you a systematic approach in reading all types of medical research articles. Make notes on the paper you are reading and email them to yourself!

    3. Calculator: Calculate risk/odds ratios or sensitivity/specificity with our inclusive statistical calculator.

    4. Glossary: Contains over 300 medical and statistical terms for your quick reference.

    "Wow the best thing since sliced bread" - Mr. Afroze Khan (co-founder, Mujalled Inc Ltd)

    "Yeah baby!" - Dr. Zishan Sheikh (co-founder Mujalled Inc Ltd)