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EASe Personal Listening Therapy

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    EASe was studied by researchers at Brenau university in 2012 and found effective in reducing auditory hypersensitivity in children with sensory processing disorder.
    Please note that we are phasing out EASe Personal. All development of this app has stopped. We put all our efforts in EASe Listening Therapy 3. It is available for free in the App Store. If you purchased modules in EASe Personal, they are easily transferable to EASe 3 via iCloud. In most cases it happens automatically. If not, please contact support.
    EASe Listening Therapy
    The EASe Listening Therapy app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad was developed for children with autism and other sensory processing disorders (SPD), who often respond to noise with exaggerated reactions and behavioral or learning issues.

    1) select preset 1
    2) press play (if no music module is selected, go to control panel to 'select a therapeutic module')
    3) stop listening after about 30 mins.
    Always observe your child. Make sure to read the user guide on

    EASe Listening Therapy uses music to deliver short, intense bursts of sound, creating a sensory palette of sonic experiences that can help a child learn to cope with typical environmental conditions. This long-term listening therapy program exceeds the functionality and performance of hardware devices costing $10,000.

    Three Versions
    EASe Listening Therapy 3 is the only app that we are continuing to support and develop. Please download it and start using it. It is easy to distinguish by its blue icon (as opposed to the green one for EASe personal)

    EASe Personal was geared towards parents. We still support parents but can do it much better in our new app, EASe Listening Therapy 3. It is free to download.

    EASe Pro includes the full EASe app and and a 60-minute module of instrumental music, and also is capable of importing a wide range of specially prepared modules available at This is currently still supported but will eventually be phased out as well. We will let you know when to transfer to EASe Listening Therapy 3.

    The EASe app for iPhone, iPod, Touch and iPad was developed by Audioforge Labs and Vision Play, LLC, in cooperation with Vision Audio Inc., creators of the popular EASe listening therapy CDs and video games for children on the autism spectrum.


    "I have 6 children listening to the music using the Seinheiser headphones. They all have been on either EASe or Therapeutic Listening CD's for over 6 months. Nothing but good to report. I have had no problem with the application-works great. One of my parents stated she liked the quality of the music better? This is the 2nd week (I only see them 1 time a week) and all of them have made some positive changes this week:
    -Awareness/interaction of their environment
    -Improvement in vestibular movement and tolerance of movement
    -Receptive language
    -Increase in play skills
    -Good tolerance of music-seem to enjoy listening" - Karen Roessler, OTR/L

    And about 3 weeks later:

    "I continue to use the program with 8 of my children; all of them have had great responses and enjoy the selections. In fact a few do not want to Stop listening. Sensory processing including spatial orientation and auditory attention have improved as noted through parent/therapist observation." - Karen Roessler, OTR/L

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