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    The Model History & Physical Examination™
    The H&P-card™ has been the classical, must-have, pocket reference for the H&P for more than 15 years. This brand new App is intended as an efficient, Point of Care reminder of the H&P elements, sequence and processes. It emphasizes the innovative "Specific H&P™" concept and includes several H&P templates with brief and complete formats.

    It contains practical, reliable information, for residents, med students, and other healthcare professionals.
    Developed by Board-certified physicians.

    H&P-card™ CONTENTS:
    (all sections)

    The History
    (ID, CC, HPI, PMH, SH, FH, OB-Gyn, ROS).

    Review of Systems
    (GS, HEENT, CV, Pulm, GI, GU, MS, Derm, Neuro, Endo, Heme, Immuno).

    The Physical Examination
    (GA, VS, Skin, HEENT, Neck, Chest, Lungs, Heart, Abdomen, Liver,
    Extremities, genitalia, rectal, Neuro, MS, pulses, nodes).

    H&P Templates and Elements
    (Adult, history, ROS, Chest, Neuro,
    generic & specific elements, Brief and Complete formats).


    The traditional H&P-card™ printed version images are included (front & back).
    The H&P-card is also available in Spanish (under the name Clini-card™).
    Other Medical Apps developed by ScyMed include MediCalc®, EKG-card™ and eH&P™ (mobile & online).

    H&P-card™ assures QUICK & EFFICIENT ACCESS to information that matters™".

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