idict med EN <-> RUS

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    idict med is a medical English to Russian and Russian to English dictionary (vice versa) full searchable, including more than 30.000 medical vocabularies and phrases (English and Russian) of medicine!

    This a is very, very useful app for medical doctors, medical students, nursing stuff, traveling and anybody, who is interested in !

    No internet connection (Wifi, 3G, Edge) required, to search in the dictionary - all 30.000 medical phrases are included in this app !

    idict med was carefully developed with the help of medical doctors using their practical experience!

    Additional features:

    ► With voice output (Russian and English), also when you are completely offline (hospital, low coverage areas...) !

    ► You can send a phrase via email, Sms or to social networks (You just have looked up - directly out of the app) !

    ► Now shows you the "vocabulary of the day" so you can learn easily new medical vocabularies !(can be disabled)

    ► Bookmark your favorite vocabularies

    ► Notes-system

    All vocabulary had been processed with the maximum of accuracy, nonetheless we have to exclude warranty and liability of correctness these data !