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    iHealthTrax Free introduces a new way to record, monitor and recall your health throughout the year.

    BUSINESS WEEK - "It helps you track your symptoms on a calendar so you can tell the doctor exactly how many days you've had that cough and fever."

    iHealthTrax Free makes doctor's appointments more efficient and effective!

    With our busy schedules, it is difficult to remember when we first got sick and all the details. iHealthTrax Free simplifies this task by allowing you to touch a day on the calendar to record various notes. Your data then appears as icons on the calendar, allowing you to see your records at a glance. Keep track of yourself and an unlimited number of people.

    * Remembers your health history so you don't have to!
    * Keep separate calendars for various people (great for keeping track of illness / health in your family)
    * Record basic information for each person being tracked (name, photo, physician, physician's phone number, notes)
    * RECORD notes and symptoms as often as every day
    * SUMMARY screen displays all entries
    * EXPORT data as email
    * Useful for doctor's appointments... consult with iHealthTrax Free to report when you began feeling sick, when you had a fever, and what your temperature was, symptoms, etc.
    * Password protection (go to settings to activate)
    * Data BACKUP and restore

    On each calendar day, you may record the following:
    * Symptoms with time stamp
    * Freeform notes
    * Pain scale (1-10)
    * Medication (name, time of day, dosage)
    * Fever and temperature (celsius or fahrenheit)
    * Doctor's appointment
    * Indicate that you are sick
    * Heart Rate / Blood Pressure

    It's simple to use!
    Just ADD a person to begin.
    Then TOUCH any day on the calender to add a note or record.
    Use the blue arrows below to SWITCH between people.

    Check out a visual tutorial at:
    for help getting started.

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