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    How often do women say, "Breastfeeding is just not working!" NEVER AGAIN! There are solutions to 98% of breastfeeding challenges and this app can direct you to finding your solution.

    This app has 103 entertaining and educational three-minute videos, 350 easy to read original articles and hundreds of pictures that allow women to identify their problems then find quick and easy solutions. Sara Chana provides accurate conventional medical advice as well as alternative medicine choices including homeopathy, herbs, and essential oils.

    “Encouraging women to breastfeed is only part of the process” says Sara Chana. “Teaching them how to solve their problems while breastfeeding and giving them tools to succeed is my goal. This App is a convenient way for mothers, fathers, and even grandparents to educate themselves on proper breastfeeding techniques, healing wounds, and finding solutions for the emotional stresses associated with childbirth.”

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