Zero Harm Healthcare

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    This app is a self-starter kit for those in the field of Healthcare who want to get going on the pathway to delivering Zero Harm Healthcare to their patients.

    Three ways in which this Zero Harm Healthcare app will benefit you:-

    1. For Individuals

    Use this app to check out your personal Zero Harm skills, behaviour and attitudes. Keep track of your successes in the 'Evidence Store' so as to be ready for audits and career opportunities.

    2. For Organisation Leaders

    Use this app as a rapid and straightforward way to:-

    * develop a Zero Harm culture in your organisation

    * audit your team and divisional contributions to Zero Harm practice

    * identify areas in your organisation that are most populated with Zero Harm capability which can then be used to share and spread the expertise and culture

    * share app results within your teams in order to develop the 'Zero Harm'-critical skill of candid feedback

    3. At a national and cross-organisational level, this app can be used to compare hospitals and other healthcare providers for their Zero Harm capability, practice, successes and culture in order to highlight the very best and to help spread Zero Harm Healthcare.