CanOpener — for Headphones

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    CanOpener — for Headphones

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    ** No longer supported — made available for legacy devices only **

    Get the most from your music

    “CanOpener conjures speakers from your headphones” – Pitchfork
    “CanOpener's approach is anything but snake oil — it's science” – Gizmodo
    “CanOpener is an excellent app for listening with headphones on iOS” – TUAW

    CanOpener makes listening to music better on iOS. Fine-tune the listening experience for your own ears, headphones, and personal tastes.

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    ▶ Crossfeed – We’d all love to listen to music on great speakers. But — most of the time — modern life calls for headphones. CanOpener’s unique “Crossfeed” helps you recreate, on headphones, the rich sonic experience of listening on high-end speakers.

    ▶ Equalizer – Dial in some more clarity, scoop the mids, boost or cut the bass. CanOpener offers flexible tone shaping with gorgeous, touchable equalizer options.

    ▶ Dosimeter and loudness metering – CanOpener can measure precisely how loud you are listening, helping you monitor your listening habits and protect your hearing.

    • Play your existing iTunes library with CanOpener, no importing
    • Support for lossless audio formats like FLAC and ALAC
    • Play hi-res audio up to 192kHz/24
    • Proven crossfeed algorithm and extensive monitoring controls
    • Mastering-grade baxandall equalizer with spectrogram
    • dB SPL prediction & dosimeter
    • More precise volume control
    • Gapless playback
    • 64-bit digital audio path
    • Good Hertz sample rate converter & dither

    Add-ons (available for In-App purchase):
    • Pencil EQ™ – A new equalizer option that allows you to create any EQ shape by simply drawing.
    • Speaker+™ – Better sound for your iPhone's built-in speaker
    • HiFi Pack – Unlocks even higher quality sample rate conversion and dither controls for pro users

    * We recommend using CanOpener with iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or newer devices.
    * CanOpener can play iTunes Match files, but the files must be downloaded to your device.

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