GLD OneMix

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    GLD OneMix personal monitor control application V1.61 for iPad.

    Important! - This version is for use with GLD systems running V1.6 firmware.

    We recommend that you disable any automatic updating to avoid unexpected incompatibility with the firmware version your mixer is running.

    OneMix is a cut down version of the GLD Remote app that locks control to a single Aux (monitor) mix. Multiple iPads may be set up by the ‘Admin’ user to give each musician customised personal monitor control via Wi-Fi connection to GLD without the risk of affecting the other monitors or FOH main mix.

    OneMix features:

    Provides access to just one mono or stereo monitor (Aux) mix
    Prevents access to the other monitors and FOH main mix
    Can be configured to provide as much or as little control as needed
    Shows metering of sends and Aux master
    Can be password protected
    Can run multiple iPads alongside GLD Remote and mixer

    Logon as a User provides personal control of their:
    ---- Monitor (Aux) master level and mute
    ---- Monitor master PEQ, GEQ and Comp if enabled
    ---- Send levels and stereo pan to the monitor
    ---- Send Mute, Gate, PEQ, GEQ, Comp if enabled
    ---- DCA group levels if assigned
    ---- SoftKeys if assigned

    Logon as Admin allows custom setup:
    ---- Set a OneMix session name to identify the user
    ---- Choose an Aux (monitor) mix
    ---- Assign a ‘My Mix’ layer and up to 3 custom layers
    ---- Assign up to 8 strips in the My Mix layer
    ---- Assign up to 32 strips per custom layer
    ---- Assign sends - Inputs, FX returns, Groups
    ---- Assign DCA masters
    ---- Assign SoftKeys
    ---- Assign blank spaces in layers
    ---- Name each layer
    ---- Enable or disable channel processing and mutes per layer


    iPad with iOS9.3 or higher. Any GLD mixer running firmware version V1.60 or higher, and with a suitable Wi-Fi router (wireless access point) connected to the GLD Network port. The GLD firmware version maintenance number does not need to be identical to the OneMix version, for example OneMix V1.60 will run on GLD V1.61.

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