Heart Sutra everywhere




    "Heart Sutra" which conveys God's (Budda) heart 
    It is the truth of the universe and does not change by the time of when, either. 
    "Heart Sutra" is the sutras which summarized the "Wisdom sutras" which also amounts to 600 volumes to only 262 characters. 
    It is the wisdom of the Buddhism highest inheritable from our far far ancestor. 
    The big wisdom for surviving the actual world filled to sadness or pain is described in the Buddhist scripture of 262 characters. 
    When you face sadness and pain, please open this it "is Heart Sutra anywhere." 
    What resembles sadness and pain, copes with it how, and should just go, and its hint may be found. 
    Please open this it "is Heart Sutra anywhere" also at the time when you are delightful, or the time of joy. 
    The hint for living and going richer and better life may be obtained. 
    You may recite sutras by uttering voice. 
    It is also good to merely hear it without reciting sutras. 
    Please be familiar with "Heart Sutra" always anywhere freely. 
    The main functions 
    Sutra recitation of Heart Sutra is heard and recitation becomes possible by reciting Heart Sutra. 
    The speed which sutra recitation reads, and the height of voice can be independently adjusted in accordance with themselves. 
    Moreover, the Heart Sutra of Sanskrit, English, Chinese, Korean, and Tibetan can be heard. 
    (Internet connection is required) 

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