IAM Music Player

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    It is the application that the theme song opening of e-manga "Magical Dreamers" during great admiration release listens to!

    ≪Characteristic of the application≫
    ・You can listen to the theme song opening while watching a text!
     #Because the language change (Japanese or English) of the text is possible, it is learned Japanese!
    ・You can record your singing voice to music (instrumental music) of theme song OP and can listen!

    ≪Singer of the theme song≫
    ・Japanese edition (woman):woman VOCALOID
    ・Japanese edition (man) :Kaoru Kondou
    ・English edition (woman) :Brina Palencia
    ・English edition (man)  :Vic Mignogna

    World's first e-manga is now hot topic!
    Japanese and American famous voice actors play the roles!
    Ayana Taketatsu plays a voice of the main character in Japanese version!
    Ryo Horikawa also voiced in the e-manga!
    For English version, Brina Palencia who is known for the voice of Tony Tony
    Chopper in One Piece plays the role and sings the theme song!
    Christopher Sabat (Dragon Ball series as Vegeta), Monica Rial (Dragon Ball
    series as Bulma) and Todd Haberkorn (Sgt. Frog as Keroro) plays the roles.
    Also, Mignogna who is best known for his dub role of Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist sings the theme song.