Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

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    Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is the most INNOVATIVE and EXTENSIVE music tool for musicians out there. This app is invaluable for students of all levels, as well as professional performers, composers, arrangers, and teachers. There are plenty video tutorials and a complete pdf manual accesible within the app

    Study Tonal Harmony like never before! Learn all functions and cadences in all keys.
    Write your own music using a map that reveals the secrets of tonality.
    Use it as a Fake Book on your gig or Practice Improvisation on Jazz Standards and Jazz Workouts.

    Listen to the Bach’s Goldberg Variations performed by Glenn Gould while viewing the harmonic analysis and learning the secrets of Bach’s harmonic language!
    Listen to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony conducted by Herbert Von Karajan and enjoy the harmonic balance!
    Listen to Bill Evans and Miles Davis performing in Kind of Blue and follow their use of secondary functions and substitutes!
    Listen to The Beatles and understand their harmonies and song structure!

    Teach your Harmony Classes using an interactive map with all possible harmonic functions and cadences from the Diatonic Functions to Advanced Secondary Dominants, and Modulations.

    You can do all this and much more with Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro. You will not find anything like this on the market today and, for the price of two cups of coffee this app is a no-brainer for musicians and music teachers

    So, what can you do in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro?
    • Create Harmonic Progressions and Songs.
    • Load Chord Progressions, Songs & Jazz Standards.
    • Study Harmony from the Beginning, to the most Advanced concepts used by Bach, Beethoven, Bill Evans and John Coltrane.
    • Practice Ear Training and Learn Functions in every Key
    • Practice Improvisation using it as a Play Along
    • Study Jazz Standards
    • Study Classical Pieces
    • Listen to great recordings from your iTunes Library while viewing and studying their analysis.
    • Learn Classical Functional Notation
    • Learn Jazz Functional Notation and Arrows and Brackets Analysis
    • Share progressions online with other Mapping Tonal Harmony users
    • Learn Voicings & Voice Leading
    • Study Modulations: Common Tone, Common Chord & Direct
    • Learn ALL harmonic functions and cadences in ALL Keys in Major and Minor
    • Study Bass-lines and Chord Inversions, and how to notate them in different styles
    • Chord-Scales for every function
    • Learn classical concepts such as the Neapolitan 6, the German augmented six, secondary dominants, etc
    • Learn jazz concepts such as the SubV7, the related IIm7, the passing half diminished, etc
    • Connect via MIDI and export your song to your favorite DAW
    • Create and Print Scores & Workout Sheets in any key, notated as Chord Progression and/or Functionally
    • Transpose the Map to fit your instrument’s transposition
    • Balance voices independently and concentrate in the study of Bass-Lines, Inner-Lines and any other combinations
    • Work in THREE different modes: Browse Mode, Progression Mode, Audio Mode
    • Create Progressions using Song Structure with Section, Repeats, Intros, First Endings and Exits
    • Teach your Harmony Class with ease using your favorite audio tracks, performers and composers
    • HUNDREDS OF PRE-LODADED progressions with standard cadences, jazz workouts, jazz standard, pop/commercial progressions, turn-arounds and audio examples.
    • You can also access several video tutorials and demo lessons from within the app

    "...This app wins our strongest recommendation for an app so far." - Berklee Groove
    " app that blew my mind." NoteTreble
    "If only Brian Wilson had this music app when he ..." - FeedmyApp
    "I've been looking for a harmony/chords/tonal app that is functional, deep enough, and with a great interface. Well, I'm not looking any further. This app just blew me away... " - KVR
    " App I’d never teach high school (or college) music theory without!"
    "An innovation beneficial to students, teachers, and composers alike..." - NoBrainerAppReviews

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