Matt Warnock Jazz Scales

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    Are you looking to improve your guitar scale knowledge, build your technique and learn to improvise over chords changes?

    Tired of buying big, thick books of scales, scale patterns and theory textbooks and want to have all of that information in the palm of your hand?

    Then the Matt Warnock Guitar Scales App is the right choice for you.

    Providing dozens of scale fingerings for all of the common, and uncommon, scales and modes needed to improvise in a modern musical context, this app also gives background info for each mode, tips on where to use each mode, backing tracks and scale patterns for every scale and more!

    Here is a preview of what you get when you download the Matt Warnock Guitar Scales App.

    Scales and Modes Covered in the Matt Warnock Guitar Scales App

    •Modes of the Major Scale
    •Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale
    •Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale
    •Modes of the Harmonic Major Scale
    •Pentatonic and Blues Scales
    •Bebop Scales
    •Symmetrical Scales (Whole Tone, Diminished, Tritone etc.)

    Matt Warnock Guitar Scales App Practice Tools

    •Dozens of 1 and 2 Octave Fingerings for Each Scale
    •Jam Tracks for Every Scale in Every Key at 3 Tempos
    •Dozens of Scale Patterns for Every Scale with Adjustable Metronome
    •Background on Every Scale/Mode Including Improvisational Guidelines
    •View the Note Names, Intervals and Fingerings for Every Scale/Mode

    If you are looking to improve your scale knowledge, learn how to improvise over chord changes and work out your scale pattern technique all in one place then the Matt Warnock Guitar Scales App is for you!

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