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    [meditation select] the gold Buddha sound

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    Buddhist music is different from the world music, the world music much screamed at the top of my lungs out, FoLe but let our soul clean and cool and refreshing. The music is a reaction to confuse condition and lust after the blind praise, but from the world of mortals living beings FoLe inspired undeceived thoroughly awakening. World music more floating down to encourage the heart of grasping, the curse FoLe sound but eliminate karmic obstacles for sentient beings worry about the incredible blessing. The music is a reaction to the life of pain but and sigh, buddhist music but then pointed to gain happiness in all the way of bodhi.
    Buddha sound list:

    I Have Found

    , pity

    In (2)

    In (1)

    Compassion beings

    CiYou beings avalokitesvara

    The great mercy mantra

    Vast compassion bodhisattva praise or back to vow to Buddha sin gatha

    Drop the sea mahayana line

    The love the

    Released the

    Buddha's light always according to you

    The Buddha held my hand



    View sound inspiration song

    Bright lights

    Ocean sound

    The Haitian back before I Buddha

    Back much good

    Back to the

    Auspicious full human

    Extremely lyric

    Light of the pure land 1

    Light of the pure land 2

    Light of the pure land 3

    Light of the pure land 4

    Light of the pure land 5

    Light of the pure land 6

    Light of the pure land 7

    Light of the pure land 8

    Light of the pure land 9

    Prelude to the light of the pure land

    Clean heart over the dharmadhatu goodwill full living there

    The old man song

    Six degrees ZuGe prajna

    Six degrees ZuGe alms

    Six degrees ZuGe meditation

    The fellowship ZuGe six degrees

    Six degrees ZuGe diligence

    Six degrees ZuGe forbearance

    Six degrees ZuGe overture

    Six degrees ZuGe end song

    A happy marriage


    Maitreya praise

    MiTuo great praise

    MiTuo heaven

    South putuo temple temple song

    Namo when to symbolizes

    Read "view sound power (praise ket)


    General practitioners to the

    Clean FaShen Buddha

    Autumn Thoughts

    Advised the causal song

    Earth difficult

    Life is not free of regret

    Life in seventy briefly

    16 the life

    Three conversion to

    Homesickness bring

    Sigh the riches and honour

    All empty song

    Five will pray to Buddha

    The little boy

    Smile · see the human life

    Heart ChangHuan xi

    Line with sweet son pure land words


    The doers of the

    Health embedded

    Heart mantra

    Recalls a childhood

    Margin by the sad


    The truth