MixPad Offline




    This application is designed to provide customers with an offline only version of the features availble in iLive MixPad.

    Please note that this is only an offline version and as such it will not connect to a live system.

    MixPad is intended for working with the mix and channel processing. Things you can control:

    - Access any input channel, mix master, FX send or return, or DCA
    - Fader levels, mutes, pan and image controls,
    - Aux and Matrix sends and Pre/Post switching,
    - DCA and mix assignments,
    - Preamp Gain, Pad and 48V
    - Trim, HPF, Gate, PEQ, GEQ, Comp, Lime/De-Esser, Delays
    - Name and colour channels,
    - RTA and PAFL with the GEQ
    - Create Custom strips for personalised channel layout,
    - Personalise the MixPad colour scheme.

    MixPad is not intended for system setup or memory access. The following functions are not available on MixPad and require an iLive Surface or laptop running iLive Editor:

    - Input PAFL,
    - FX parameter control,
    - Input source, insert and output patchbay,
    - Channel ganging,
    - Aux source routing options,
    - Library, Scene and Show memory store and recall,
    - Scene Safes edit,
    - SoftKeys,
    - Signal Generator,
    - Talkback,
    - System bus configuration,
    - System configuration, options and preferences,
    - User Profiles.

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