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    ■ If you have to download just one ringtone app, THIS IS THE ONE!
    Top No.1 RINGTONE APP in the France, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Belgium, Korea and Argentina. You can count on it.

    Did you ever realize that ringtones can tell so many things?

    ■ Ringtone is privacy
    Set the ringtones for stalkers/spam texts/ex-girlfriend to 'Silen(Mute)'
    Whatever in the world they can do, you will not notice a thing.

    ■ Ringtone is love
    Set your ringtone with your daughter's voice on record.
    The sound of phone calls will get you through the hard day.

    ■ Ringtone is a sentence
    Pick a ringtone which suits your mood for the day.
    - Machine gun : Please don't mess with me today.
    - Club music : I'm going to rock this night.
    - Funny sound : I need your attention!

    ■ Ringtone can tell you who you are
    - Default setting : Smart phone first-timer? seriously?
    - Camera Shutter : Photographer?
    - Buddhist prayer : Do you happen to be a monk?
    - Gunshot : Soldier?

    ■ Ringtone is Sentiment of the age of analogue
    Text alert with typewriter sound
    Send an e-mail with Morse code sound,
    Receive phone calls with modem dial-up sound
    Add a little sentiment on your phone.

    ■ Ringtone is the sound of rejuvenation
    Do they make fun of you for being old in work?
    Try changing the ringtone in the popular Top
    When your phone happen to ring during a get-together, everyone will recognize your good sense.

    ■ Ringtone is an agony
    Try 'Cash Drawer' ringtone for your card payment alert texts.
    If you hear the sound of coin dropping on the floor every time you swipe your card, you might even burst into tears for the sad reality.

    ■ Ringtone is a sunshine
    Try 'Birds chirping in the forest' for your morning alarm.
    We bet you will just open your eyes to the pleasant morning.

    ■ This is an APP which will never turn its back on you
    New ringtones will be added endlessly.
    Whatever you want, we will make it happen.
    Let us keep your ringtone trendy.

    Ringtones do really make a difference.

    There can be no worse shame,
    than vibrating all night unnoticed.
    - Smartphone

    What's your ringtone right now?

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