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    Bringing the world's music to your device.

    For the first time on the iOS platform, users will be able to discover music from thousands across the globe in real time, have the ability to listen to what others are listening to, and understand more about that person and their music taste, all for free! A new form of musical interaction and discovery has been created with SongStumblr. Users will be able to acquire a global sense of music and share the music taste to the world.

    SongStumblr also allows users to discover what nearby people are listening to, hence bringing a Geosocial element to music discovery, as one finds out what music is trending in a certain location or region. Discovery range is up to 70 feet and requires no pairing.


    SongStumblr's new servers bring the world's music to your device, allowing you to discover music off people from across the globe. Every minute a list of ten people refreshes, bringing you different people to discover songs off, and you can refresh the list at any time. You also share your music to the world, customising your name (can be anonymous) and the country you inhabit, before going onto the servers. From then on, whilst in the app, SongStumblr will automatically share and discovery songs bringing them right into the palm of your hand.

    Whilst discovering songs, you can see a flag representing the location of the person, and their preset username, making it more personal, for it allows you to comprehend the live element of SongStumblr; there really is someone on the other side of the world listening to that song, at this moment in time.

    You can control your music in-app with customisable music controls, or can run SongStumblr in the background and hence control your music outside the app if you want. The in app controls have customisable colors and are easy to use.

    If you have no internet connection, do not despair, as 'nearby mode', allows you to discover music from people in your surroundings, without the need of conecting to a server. As SongStumblr gets more popular, you will begin seeing more users within your surrounding.


    SongStumblr allows you to do many things with a discovered song, from someone nearby or from the other side of the globe:

    - Listen to discovered songs for free in our built in media player.
    - Find out information about discovered songs from search engines.
    - These include Google™, Wikipedia™, Bing™, Twitter™ Search and more.
    - Purchase the song from within the application.

    - Add discovered songs to a personal database which you can keep forever.
    - Store the location (reverse geocoded) of the discovery.
    - Store other data about your discoveries such as the person’s username or date.
    - Continue looking up information on-demand from many databases.
    - See your songs in a map view based on discovery locations.


    Social Music discovery is becoming popular and has made its way to iOS as a native application.
    Don't miss out on a whole new way to discover popular music and share your music taste to the world.

    Start discovering and sharing songs today!
    see for more.

    Please send a feedback at - we're always looking for way to improve the app.

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