Sweet Nighty Baby Music Box Lullabies HD ™ (100% iBabySitter)

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    Sweet Nighty Baby Music Box Lullabies HD ™ (100% iBabySitter)

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    Put your kid to sleep with this relaxing sounds

    • Excellent interface
    • Beautiful sounds and graphics

    "Oh my Lullaby..."

    Sweet Nighty Baby Music Box Lullabies is a casual musical application that will help put your kids to sleep in a very simple and relaxing way.

    The app provides 12 different relaxing songs which will be loved by your baby, you just need to select your favorite and choose the number of times you want to play it (it can also be set as a loop). The sounds are appropriate and calm, beautiful music that might also help you sleep, not only your kid.

    The design of the app is excellent, it includes beautiful graphics and animations and a great usability overall. We have no complaints whatsoever, it all works as well as we expected.

    chiu chih yung is the developer of Sweet Nighty Baby Music Box Lullabies, a relaxing app that will work as a babysitter for your children. Get them to bed quicker!

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    May 23, 2014


    Sweet Nighty Baby Music Box Lullabies ™ !! Luxurious Deluxe !! Free !!

    Free Now !!

    The music box will have children drifting off to a contented and restful sleep.

    When your baby cries , download it !
    Sweet Nighty Baby Music Box Lullabies is an app which helps Babies to fall asleep.
    We provides 12 different songs, which will your baby help to fall asleep and to calm down.
    Our Song had design to follow the baby's heartbeat, and slow slow , don't scare baby.
    Beautiful patterns for each song and Touch patterns it will dance
    Drop-down the Top Handle , it will show the Song Name and Play Sound of BabySitter Toy
    Easy Design to play times , one three five and loop time for quickly switch
    Option Page provide more funciton

    Sweet Nighty Baby Music Box Lullabies ™ Features

    Three hours music playback length of the rapid transformation

    HD Brain wave audio
    Retina Display support
    Multitasking support
    Background Play support
    high standard UI design, user-friendly intuitive interface
    beautiful design
    remove the built-in ads feature
    music, the size of the sound control
    exclusive beautiful music baby icon

    There are 12 Nice Songs For Baby Sleep

    01.London Bridge
    03.Are You Sleeping?
    04.Lullaby and Good Night
    05.Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
    06.Row, Row, Row Your Boat
    07.Mary Had a Little Lamb
    08.Hush Little Baby
    09.Old Mcdonald
    10.Sing a Song of Sixpence
    11.This Ole Man
    12.Skip To My Lou

    Sweet Nighty Baby Music Box Lullabies ™ Patterns

    There are 12 Images Patterns For Baby Song and Click to Dance from different way

    Chicken Millet
    Bear Baby
    Rabbit Dogs
    Little Bee
    Stupid Snowman
    Sweet Apple
    The Korean Strawberries
    The US-Cherry
    Sleep Moon
    Magic Candy
    Obediently Lollipop

    Sweet Nighty Baby Music Box Lullabies ™ How to use

    Open the App, the phone has been issued by the infrared light, and sleep when you place your child in a distance of 0.5 ~ 1 meters from the location.

    FAQ: Why Baby Cry Top 5 Reason and Cry Sound

    (1) Na, Na, Na - I am hungry

    Sound: imagine the mouth of the baby to the breast pump (N), but no milk can absorb, while the issue (Ya) Call of crying, which links will naturally be issued (Nya, Nya, Nya) voice, crying more regularity.

     (2) Oi, O, Oi - I am sleepy

    Sound: imagine the action you want to sleep, yawning, and to maintain this port type of cries, is a small baby expressed drowsiness (Oi, O, Oi) (or somewhere in between the O and i) issued crying, and each Oi audio dragged very long, because the newborn yawn reflex yawning reflex.

     (3) Hei, Hei, Hei - it really comfortable

    Sound: When the baby issued by the tone of the strength of different gas, in particular, (H), strong voice, and by the weak (Ei) sound at the end, but when the crying is not the law, may be he is crying expression: I am very uncomfortable message.

     (4) Eii, Eii, Eii - my stomach flatulence

    Sound: When the voice of the baby issue is similar to English air, air, air "(belly air), along with the body arch foot bending toward the chest song position, on behalf of his stomach flatulence.

     (5) Ei Ei Ei - I want to burp

    Sound: continuous short sound issued (Ei Ei Ei), representing the baby wants to burp a message similar to the Taiwanese said (overflow from the acid).


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