Tempo Delay Calc

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    Tempo Delay Calc is the simplest and quickest tool to calculate digital delay times. Perfectly synchronize the tempo of your music to the delay effect. Match the beat exactly!

    Simply enter the tempo in beats-per-minute (BPM) to calculate the values in milliseconds. Results are displayed for note values from half notes to thirty-second notes. It also includes calculations for dotted and triplet note values.

    For times when you don't know the exact tempo used in the music you can tap the tempo along with your music source to figure it out. This is handy because not all music is recorded with a metronome (or click track).

    Tempos can be entered as whole numbers or as fractional tempos. Fractional tempos offer a finer level of accuracy, especially for film scoring. An easy-to-use on/off switch toggles fractional- and non-fractional tempos. When entering a fractional tempo, the decimal point is implied. In other words, you are not required to enter a decimal point - it is entered for you.