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    (´・ω・`) Akihabara Tourism in AR applications (`・ω・´)
    To introduce over 60 stores in Akihabara shop "Specialized" local tourist guide application.
    When you press the AR button, three-dimensional map which through the camera! Alley is also confusing, the compass will guide you to your destination.
    Lots of geeky information. I listed to unusual places.
    Check your home or destination in the train, go to Akiba tourism!
    [AR created at Akihabara by an Akihabara company]
    “AkibaAR”is a sight-seeing guide application, which would be helpful when you are walking in Akihabara, a “town of those maniacs, who are familiarized with everything; electric household appliances, electronic engineering, cartoons, animations, PCs…
    Introduced in this application are more than 60 Akihabara-oriented shops, including those known to maniacs commuting to Akihabara as well as those famous spots which have often appeared in TV and magazines.
    ▼ Shops strictly selected out of “Akihabara”
    The shops registered in this application have been strictly selected as those which we want you to drop in whenever you may come to Akihabara.
    The information inserted in this application, moreover, has been picked up on a choice selection basis as required to fully enjoy Akihabara, such as playing, eating, shopping and resting, all unavailable elsewhere but Akihabara.
    In some cases, it may contain the information about other than a shop and unavailable elsewhere but “Akihabara.”
    ▼ A tag would allow you to find out a shop easily.
    More than 60 shops registered are readably classified by category. A composite shop has two or more tags registered by category. You will never be astray as far as you are using this application.
    ▼ Map
    Shops locations are readably inserted on the map that may be expanded and contracted. An elaborate guidance covers even a minor bystreet, which may not have been so intelligible with a paper medium.
    ▼ AR making the map three-dimensional:
    The Wi-Fi or 3G circuit would allow you to obtain the you-are-here information. With your destination selected, press the [AR] button and you will be guided up to the destination through a camera.
    Even in Akihabara where there are many shops, your destination will be more readable through the camera. Using this feature together with the map would preclude you from being astray in Akihabara.
    It is aimed at an Akihabara-oriented application far beyond the mere street guidance or map application. Please make effective use of the application for a variety of purposes:
    ・Pilgrim to a holly site, and
    ・Pleasure district pioneering
    ▽ Recommended environment
    iOS6.0 and up
    iPhone3GS and up / iPad2 Wi-Fi+3G model and up
    ▽Environment for the application to be capable of operating
    iOS6.0 and up
    iPod touch 4th generation and up (SEP/15/2010)
    ※ When using the AkibaAR, please stop in a safe place available
    ※ If there is no camera on the device, not use the AR function