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    Published: 2013-02-22, by Mar GP.

    Bicing lets you know of there is a bicycle free for you to pedal in Barcelona

    • Clean design
    • Handy
    • Not sure if it is aimed at visitors too

    "BCN by bike"

    The Barcelona City Council is doing a great investment to develop apps that bring closer the city to residents and tourists that will have powerful full to move around the place easily and understand the not-so-complicated public transport network. Bus, tram and metro are the usual suspects but if you have a green soul you must know that there is an alternative to all of that and it is called Bicing. Bicing is a service that spreads bicycles and bike parks all over the city for the inhabitants to uses. To become a user you have to register previously and pay an annual fee to get a plastic card that will give you access to the service. You pass your card over the park screenreader, take a bike and then ride for 20 minutes till you get to another park. There you can pass your card and tether the bike where indicated or check in to get other additional 20 minutes. Main problem: you can go to your usual spot and see there are no bycicles avaliable or when you have to return it to a park see that there no free places to tether it.

    So what this Bicing app does is saving you from those pains offering complete info about the bike parks located around the city, the nearest spots and their current status in real time (number of bikes avaliable and empty places) to prevent you having bitter surprises later. All of this is encased in a neat interface with a simple menu that also allows you to save your favourite spots.

    The fact that is just in Spanish and Catalan (the language spoken in the area) and moreover the whole process to be an user makes it difficult for a tourist to enjoy it so we recommend to develop a way to include these potential costumers than can also enjoy this app.

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    Feb 22, 2013


    Ahora puedes acceder a todas las funcionalidades del nuevo servicio Bicing desde tu Smartphone:

    · Consulta la disponibilidad de todas las estaciones y bicicletas
    · Infórmate de la fecha de apertura de las nuevas estaciones en proceso de substitución
    · Escanea el QR de la bicicleta que quieras usar para desbloquearla
    · Comprueba que has anclado correctamente la última bicicleta que has usado
    · Solicita 10 minutos de tiempo extra cuando la estación de destino esté llena
    · Marca tus estaciones favoritas
    · Utiliza el servicio de rutas para planificar el recorrido de tus desplazamientos en Bicing por Barcelona

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