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    Mecca, Saudi Arabia Prayer Timings!

    Every day millions of Muslims turn toward Mecca and pray. Prayer is the worship of Allah. Perhaps the most well known Muslim practices is ritual prayer, which is performed five times each day i.e., at dawn (al-fajr), midday (al-zuhr), afternoon (al-'asr), sunset (al-maghrib) and evening (al-'isha).

    This Mecca Prayer timings application helps prayers to get the exact prayer timings for the entire current month.

    User friendly and easy to use application!!
    Displays Distance from current location to Mecca!!
    Interactive Satellite map!!
    GPS for locating current position!!
    Displays the range from current location to Mecca on Map!!
    Gallery providing incredible images of Mecca!!

    To get the timings 3G or Wi-fi or network services are required.

    Turn ON location services to check your position on map!

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