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    ● It is the application of driving assists.
    It displays the running speed, the travel direction, the distance traveled with simple graphics by using a magnetic sensor and GPS sensor.
    The map tracking mode, map appears in the bird's-eye perspective of the vehicle while driving.
    Display can turned upside down, It will be reflecting on the windshield.

    ●Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
    HUDx will always use GPS sensor, a magnetic sensor function on.
    Since power consumption is significant, it is recommended to use in the state of charge in the car.
    if alarm behavior in the background is not required, please background operation invalid in background mode set in the configuration screen.
    By doing so, saves a considerable consumption of battery

    ●ORBIS( The popular name of speed enforcement camera in Japan ) that location data in Japan are registered, you can issue a warning by the approach.
    Running speed to the target, approach distance can be set individually.
    The warning scan continues by default in a background.
    In the running of other applications, it is possible to prevent excessive speeding by it.

    ●ORBIS location data is available individually edit, add, and delete. And registration point editing, can be easily set in its own interface.
    Backup is possible by internal data in an application shared folder. also,re-register to the internal DB from a CSV file that you edit.

    Other Notes

    ●Do not operate while driving. It is very dangerous and is inattentive driving.
    If you stop the application in alarm scan execution state or sleep shift, you will receive notification that the scan is running.(Only the main screen is displayed)
    You will be notified background scanning is forced stop in the background alarm scan state, and will be 20% or less battery power.

    ●ORBIS location data is enabled to match the language environment in use.
    The language environment other than Japan, default ORBIS location data of built-in is invalid, it does not appear in the browse list.
    Sample data of several points have been registered for the English language environment.

    When used in Japanese language environment other than Japan, please register the location information of ORBIS individually by the customer.