KAZA LIVE Radar warning and GPS Navigator




    The new "KAZA LIVE" Radar Warning and GPS navigator is 100% legal and is "BASED ON A WIDESPREAD COMMUNITY OF USERS" working together to assist drivers. Users may be notified, IN REAL TIME, of the presence of helicopters, mobile radars, fixed radars, section radars, traffic light radars, radars in tunnels, etc.
    The KAZA LIVE APP also offers users other types of valuable information regarding road safety, such as dangerous road points, traffic jams, accidents, controls, helping to foster the awareness and attentiveness of drivers, well as a practical GPS navigator.
    Using our powerful, verified, and exclusive database (developed by KAZA during more than 10 years) - updated and downloaded in real time from our servers - you will know precisely and in advance where road "problems" may be found. It also has a function in MAP mode that will allow you to clearly see and anticipate all conflicting points on your route, the events reported by the community (Blue color), those recorded on the database (Red color), as well as check exactly where you’re driving.
    The recorded points that be selected by the database user are:
    Fixed radars
    Fixed radars of variable speed
    Section radars
    Radars in tunnels
    Traffic light radars
    Possible areas controlled by mobile radars
    Frequent accident points
    Possible controls

    The points reported by community users in real time are:
    Mobile radars
    Helicopter flying over the area
    Traffic accidents
    Traffic jams
    Other controls

    This new version includes a handy GPS navigator with:
    Different routes
    Recalculation of alternative routes
    Points of interest
    Traffic State
    Kaza Live is a completely customizable APP regarding the type of warnings you prefer: fine speed adjustment, activating and deactivating warnings, reported distance up to the radar, etc.
    In addition, due to its smooth, advanced and exclusive technological architecture, KAZA LIVE will occupy a minimum memory on Smart-phones, contrary to other applications.
    KAZA LIVE may be downloaded for free on Ipad and Iphone in 5 languages.
    Thank you for cooperation, and please be assured we welcome all suggestions that may help us improve the APP we are offering.
    The application is FREE during one month once it is downloaded. After this time, you may choose the pay version or continue using the FREE version with advertising.

    Thank you for your collaboration.