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    Got a PDF of a topographical map? Is that map 110 x 80 inches. None of the document readers in the App store can view and scroll your map with ease? We can, we are happy to work with Map files that are as large as 110 inches or 3 meters wide.

    Say for example the USA Forestry Service Maps at which are 80 by 110 inches unfolded. Other PDF readers optimized for 8.5 by 11 inch page sizes just crash and burn when given such a map, or scrolling becomes ugly.

    Many governments like Canada provide free maps

    Or as an expert use to create your own specialized maps.

    Note we don't supply the Maps you must find those, in PDF, TIFF or JPEG/PNG formats, but once you have them, then you can view them with ease. True off line viewing, no internet needed once you have given us the Map

    So bring your OWN Maps for true, fast, effortless off-line viewing. Remember 24 hour support is available from the Support button!

    We use our accelerated PDF viewing logic, and combined with our TIFF decoder we can deal most image formats. Expanding on our LargeViewer technology then means size is not a problem.

    *** Bonus *** because of that we are a general purpose lightning fast PDF Reader, and can read FAXES too. So we are many apps in one.

    With our integrated passive caching Dropbox Support you can host maps on your Dropbox account then read them from all your iOS devices, even when you don't have internet access.

    Don't forget our OS-X helper app for LargeViewer

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