Location Manager Lite - Save, Share, Route, and Map all of your Favorite Locations!

    Location Manager Lite - Save, Share, Route, and Map all of your Favorite Locations! icon

    Location Manager Lite - Save, Share, Route, and Map all of your Favorite Locations!

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    Location Manager allows you to keep all your locations organized, by allowing you to save, share, and document any location in the world.

    User Reviews:

    "Perfect feature set and implementation"
    "It is very fast and intuitive and has just the right options."
    - kkphoto

    "Works great so far! Recorded lots of cool placed I visited while on vacation."
    - Brittney Arebalo

    Have you ever needed to keep track of all your favorite locations while on the go?

    Search, save, and organize any location by category instantly with a corresponding address, photo, and notes. Share and get directions to these locations easily with one quick touch.

    People that have found Location Manager useful:
    - Traveling Sales: Keep track of all your clients, and find other clients nearby. Plot all your saved locations on a map!
    - Real Estate Agents: Keep track of all the properties you are currently involved with.


    Share your saved locations (along with a map link for directions, map photo, and optional user photo) with anyone using:
    - Email
    - Text
    - Facebook
    - Twitter

    Search for any location to save and organize:
    - Search for a specific address.
    - Integrated Local Search to find almost anything nearby. (Gas Stations, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc.)

    Organize all of your saved locations:
    - Take photos to save and share specific locations.
    - Take notes about a location for reference later.
    - Get directions to any location from your current location.
    - Plot all your saved locations on a map to see what locations are around you.
    - Find the distance your saved locations are from your current location.

    Location Manager allows you to:
    - Save the locations of your favorite restaurants.
    - Save the locations of places you give directions to often. (Work, Home)
    - Scout location for photo / movie shoots.
    - Attach locations to your site seeing photos.
    - Save those GeoCache locations.
    - Even find the location of your car!

    Location Manager's sharing allows you to:
    - Tell a friend where to meet after work for dinner.
    - Locating family members at theme parks.
    - Letting a loved one know how close you are to getting home.

    Once you give Location Manager a spin all of your favorite locations will be at your fingertips!

    Notice: Lite version only allows you to save one location and is ad supported. The full version allows you to save multiple locations and contains no ads!

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