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    This app will finds and shows the nearby public places like ATM, Bank, Hospital, etc. It also gives you the driving route to that places from your current location. So that you can reach that place very easily! It is very simple and easy to use!! Just download it now!!!

    You may have some emergency situation in which you may need some things like Money, Medical help, Fuel, etc,. During that time, It is difficult to find the nearby places (like ATM, Hospitals, Petrol station, Park, Restaurants, Hotels, etc,.) which are around. Our app will help you in those situations. You can easily find the nearby places around you. In addition to that, you can find very accurate GPS location, speed and driving route to the place you selected.

    This is an unique app which shows the driving route to the nearby places you selected.

    * Usability: Very simple and easy to use.
    * Navigation: You can find the accurate GPS location, speed, driving route and the nearby places around you.
    * GPS accuracy: It gives very accurate GPS location and speed.
    * Categories of places: Airport, ATM, Bank, Bus Station, Church, City Hall, Departmental stores, Doctors, Embassy, Fire Station, Hindu Temples, Hospital, Library, Mosque, Movie Theaters, Night Clubs, Park, Parking, Police Station, Post Office, Restaurants, School, Shopping Mall, Train Station, etc,.

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