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    Published: 2013-10-14, by .

    Circa delivers news in small doses

    • Original app concept
    • Editorial work backing it up
    • Different categories
    • User-friendly interface
    • Follow Stories feature
    • Needs more categories
    • Only English language support

    "At first sight!"

    Reading hard-going long articles on your smartphone can be painful. Navigating through news websites with a non-optimized mobile interface too. Getting informed about what’s happening around is still a need but the way people get and read news is changing.

    Circa News solve the equation: Circa’s editors boil down stories until they get the core. Then, they select a few right words to make up a raw headline which gives you an overview of the issue. Yes, like a news tweet. A quick shot of news.

    What’s even better is that you can follow stories as they were users, and as soon as a related news come up, a new headline will be added to its own story. This way you can quickly keep well-informed about any issue. In fact, you can “join” the story at any time and know about the former events just by scrolling down and reading a few lines.

    There are 6 categories so far: Top Stories, Politics, World, Technology, Science & Health and United States. It needs more categories though, as well as different languages support and a more global scope (focused on the U.S so far).

    Besides, the app lays out an innovative idea which always-in-a-rush people would love. In addition, it is set in a user-friendly interface and features a customizable Holo-layout. Recommended.

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