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    Published: 2012-12-18, by .

    Instapaper gives you a read later bookmark

    • Simplicity
    • Highly compatible
    • Dark mode
    • Highly configurable.
    • Needs social integration
    • Web version is too simple

    "I have no time right now, I'll read it later"

    Instapaper, powered by Tumblr developers, allows you to save webpages, articles and any other resource to read them later, even offline. What's more, it provides a good-looking and friendly layout for making easier reading all that resources. A layout which is highly configurable.

    What could be the added-value feature of Instapaper? I would say a high compatibility and integration. There are already lots of browsers plugins and alternative apps that makes things easier. What's more, it's backed by a professional team of developers.

    Regarding features: Instapaper allows you to save to read later lots of resources just by tap "share" button and then selecting Instapaper or through browsers plugins. Likewise, you can add folders and tags to organize your articles, save worthy articles in the archive after reading them or like them.

    From setttings you can enable "dark mode" manually or automatically at night. You can re-download articles manually too, sort articles, set prompting and set up download limits. In summary: Instapaper is set in a good-looking and highly configurable layout, it's simple and user-friendly and it's fully integrated with other resources. Highly recommendable.

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    Dec 18, 2012


    Instapaper is the simplest way to save and store articles for reading: offline, on-the-go, anytime, anywhere, perfectly formatted.

    Instapaper for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch provides a mobile-optimized text view that makes reading Internet content a clean and uncluttered experience. Instapaper also enhances the standard reading experience with features like text-to-speech, which can be controlled via the Apple Watch.

    Instapaper has been inducted into the iPhone and iPad Hall of Fame, received Macworld Editor's Choice Award, and has also been featured in publications including Wired, TIME, Daring Fireball, and The Verge, among others.

    Core Features:
    - Strip away all clutter and save the content of web pages into iOS-optimized formatting.
    - Read anywhere! No internet, no problem: access your articles on airplanes, subways, elevators, or Wi-Fi-only devices away from Internet connections.
    - Save to Instapaper from other iOS applications with one tap.

    Additional Features:
    - Control every aspect of your reading experience with a variety of font, color themes, and spacing options.
    - Find that great quote you want to remember and share? Instapaper makes it easy to highlight text in any article.
    - Have your Instapaper articles narrated to you with text-to-speech. Just turn up the volume on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and relax!
    - Control text-to-speech right from your Apple Watch.
    - Sort your list of articles by popularity, date, and article length.
    - Folders for easy organization.
    - Full-text search for articles in your account

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