babyfilm is an app that allows you to record your babies' growth and capture memories of their life through simple operation.

    About babyfilm

    This app allows you to record your baby's growth daily on video.

    By Recording only 2 seconds everyday, the app allows you to make a video covering 1 year of your baby's life.
    This allows you to share 1 year of memories easily with relatives and friends, and would also make a great future present for your baby.

    You can also use this app to record your pets' lives, or even your own!
    Why not use it your own unique way?

    Let's record your baby's growth and share joy with others!

    The app provides the following function.
    * baby's information
    register your baby's info.
    * record movies
    camera to capture 2 seconds a day of film everyday.
    can re-record movie if on the same day.
    * play movies
    play the edited movie for every age.
    * share movies
    share URI link for the movie with family & friends.
    * invite
    invite your family and friends so they can participate in filming your baby as well.