Share your most exciting & fun experiences with people all over the World and start making new friends: CatchMyWorld!

    catchmyworld is a Live social entertainment application where anyone can:
    1/ Broadcast Live interactive video;
    2/ Shoot and Share a 30 second video (GeoCatch) & picture
    directly to CatchMyWorld’s Live social entertainment network -

    catchmyworld brings Live video Broadcasting at your fingertip: start a Live anytime, anywhere in one of the 8 categories: Travel, Outdoors, Action Sport, Wellness, Music/Dance, Fashion, Events, Technology. It has never been so easy to be On Air with the World: click on ‘Go to Live Stream’ and start showing your own world to the World.

    - Live video/audio Broadcasting to CatchMyWorld's network -;
    - No Live video/audio Broadcasting parameters to enter: everything is already set up - just click on ‘Go Live’ and you are On Air!;
    - Live Broadcasting over cellular network 3G / 4G and WiFi;
    - Recording option is available!
    As soon as you start Live Broadcasting, you can immediately start/stop record the most unique moments of your Live -anytime you want- while you keep Live Broadcasting to the World;
    - Real-time # of Viewers;
    - Real-time # of Wow’It: a Wow’It is a mark of appreciation of a given viewer for your Live Broadcasting;
    - All view modes -portrait, landscape- available for Live Broadcasting;
    - Back/Front camera: during a Live Broadcasting, change the device (iPhone, iPad) lens view anytime you want so you can also Broadcast yourself;
    - Torch mode is available while you are Live Broadcasting;
    - Video Capturing: shoot a video up to 30 seconds (GeoCatch) and share it instantaneously with the World on CatchMyWorld’s network -;
    - Picture Capturing: take a picture and share it instantaneously with the World on CatchMyWorld’s network -
    - Notifications to inform when a LIVE is happening