Depth of Field Explorer

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    DoF Explorer helps you capture the perfect images by better understanding the depth of field. It calculates the near and far boundaries of the range of acceptable sharpness (i.e. depth of field). It also calculates the hyperfocal distance as well as the range of the depth of field.

    The circle of confusion for a wide range of cameras are included to get you going faster. Pickers for aperture and focal length have sensible values. However, DoF Explorer gives you the ability to override any internal settings. (Have superhuman vision and want to reduce the circle of confusion, no problem!)

    DoF Explorer support both imperial (feet, inches) and metric (meters) units. It supports input in feet and inches as well as displays feet and inches.

    You can store a wide variety of configurations (combinations of camera, aperture, and focal length) to quickly calculate the depth of field for multiple setups. Distance constrained? Quickly try multiple lens configurations.