DoF plus

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    DoF plus is a "must have" application for all digital camera owners.

    DoF plus will answer questions like:
    - how to ensure that model face will be sharp when shot at 5m?
    - which focal lens I must use when shooting a person at 10m? a small bird at 50m?
    - how to maximize image sharpness when shooting landscapes?

    DoF plus is highly customizable:
    - select your camera model. Computations will take into account camera specifications.
    - define your own list of focal lenses from a list.
    - define your own list of apertures from a list.

    DoF plus provides following features:

    DoF (depth of field)
    Set focal lens, f/stop and focus distance. Near and far focus distances will be computed automatically

    HyF (hyperfocal)
    Set focal lens and f/stop. Hyperfocal distance will be computed automatically.
    Note: when you focus at hyperfocal distance, image will be sharp from half this distance to infinity.

    FoV (field of view)
    Set focal lens and focus distance. Field of view (width and height) will be computed automatically.

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