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    Choose the best lens for the shot before you even open your camera bag!

    With the lensPick app for iPhone, quickly see the framing across a wide range of DSLR lenses with a single swipe down your iPhone screen. As the dial rolls from 24mm to 400mm, you’ll see what falls inside and out of your subject area for each focal length.

    Whether you’re planning, scouting, experimenting, or on-location; a Pro eager to work more quickly or an amateur perfecting your visual understanding, the lensPick digital director’s viewfinder will fast become an essential tool.

    Specs & Features

    * Works through the iPhone or iPad camera to give ‘live’ visuals as you move through your location
    * Quick-tap to select Full or Crop View (depending on type of DSLR camera body you’ll be using)
    * Quick-tap to change letterboxing aspect ratio.
    * There are variances from camera to camera – Lenspick provides a very close approximation.
    * iOS 9 and greater

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