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    The app for taking pictures of many yous.

    Have you ever wondered how to collage multiple images of yourself into one picture? ManyMe is the app for that! Just set up your device on a flat surface and start posing for your next ManyMe pic. Even if you’re home alone, you can take pictures by clapping twice or by using the timer for multiple shots. Then just let ManyMe make the collage for you.

    • Fully automatic collage with many pictures of you in a single seamless image
    • Take pictures when you’re alone by using the timer or simply clapping twice
    • Share your ManyMe’s with friends and family in a single click
    • Rule of thirds grid to help you find the best composition
    • Show off your ManyMe’s right inside the app
    • Edit your ManyMe’s with the internal editor
    • A single universal app for all your devices

    How to:
    1. Find good, static, well lit scenery for your background
    2. Mount the device on a firm surface (a table or a bookshelf will do the trick) so that ManyMe can clearly define your background.
    3. Start posing for your ManyMe picture. Use the timer or clap twice to take a picture.
    4. Now, just grab your device and your collage will be ready in moments!
    5. Once you’ve created your ManyMe you can share it with friends

    Note: Always place your device on a static surface when taking pictures - never hold it in your hands, and always remember to pick a static background. Sometimes you may need to find an alternative background and better lighting conditions in order to get a better picture.

    iOS 6 note: If ManyMe can’t save pictures to camera roll, please switch on enable ManyMe in the privacy settings: System Settings->Privacy->Photos, turn on “ManyMe”

    What’s your next ManyMe going to be? A host of yous at The Last Supper? Four yous on the Beatles’ Abbey Road cover? Let me know by contacting me or the ManyMe community:
    Ivan email:

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