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    A Lifemap is a personalized archiving solution for a family's most meaningful memories. Upload personal photos and home videos, create private diaries, and backup your social media activity on an interactive and private timeline.

    Intuitively organize a comprehensive personal digital archive and easily recall and share the most important moments of your life from one account that's accessible from the web, iPhone, and iPad.

    - Milestones allow you to decide how to permanently organize and recall special events and priceless memories like graduations, weddings, honeymoons, and births.

    - Yearbooks archive your favorite annual events and moments from each and every year like birthdays, holidays, spring break, summer vacations and babies' first years.

    - Diary entries can be written for memories where no photos exist or to add deeper meaning to moments like finding out you’re pregnant, or writing letters to your children for the future.

    - Share your memories by connecting your Lifemap to your family and lifelong relationships and give a copy to those who created them with you. Sharing can also be done by sending email slideshows to family members who do not have a Lifemap account.

    - Opt-in and seamlessly integrate and archive your social networks and other cloud applications like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Flickr to add a social layer to your timeline.

    - An eBeneficiary allows you to appoint a trusted member of your family to inherit your Lifemap and a digital legacy of your life that was curated by you.

    - Subaccounts can be set up for small children & babies so you can privately build your children's Lifemap while populating your own.

    We will strive to become your family's digital attic box of the 21st Century.