Photo Album "Daily plus"

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    The "Daily plus" can arrange a photograph for every photographing day automatically.
    Since the taken photograph can be simplified separately to a tag, album management can be carried out easily. If you manage your photos in the "Daily plus", you will be able to order one video timeline photos.

    - Feature -

    - The list display of "Photography day" or "Tag".
    (Displayed by the time line from the photograph of new photography.)
    - The list display by the "List" or "Thumbnail" view.
    - Photos taken with "Daily plus" can be saved together separately "Tag" or "Photography day" to the photo album.
    - You can make a video from still images.(2, 5 or 10 seconds of display time can be specified)
    - You can add an unlimited number of tags is possible. Icon for the tag can be selected from among 70 different.

    - More than 480 pixels corresponding to the image of one side.

    Pictures of the display, it is possible to send to the social network Facebook, to Twitter easily send e-mail with pictures performed and printing AirPrint.

    - Quick Operation -

    - You can be edited directly by long press the "Tag" tab of the Modify button / icon name of the tag.
    - Long press the photo that is displayed, you can pass data to the photo Apps other image types. (Drop box, Evernote, etc)
    - You can save the images in the clipboard when you long press the camera button.

    - Option -

    You can set the following from "Settings" in the iPhone.

    - Select a color scheme. (blue / pink)
    - Start in camera mode.
    - Import photos from Camera Roll.
    - Started Category (Select Unclassified)

    * If you can not photographing, please check the following settings
    Settings -> Privacy -> Camera-> Daily Plus is on.