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    Published: 2015-02-25, by .

    Though the design is a bit old school, this is a good way to hide files securely

    • Dot lock
    • Wide file support
    • Discreet icon
    • Limited storage
    • Rarer files incompatible

    "Lock Files In Your Personal Vault"


    This is a utilitarian app: no frills, just great functionality. You can hide away multimedia, messages, notes and all manner of documents, from PowerPoint to PDF. It's just a shame there's a storage limit in place.


    Dot lock is a nice feature reminiscent of the Android lock screen, and getting the option between grid and table views means you can choose whichever suits you best. There's a whole range of file types supported, like .jpg, .mp3 and .doc. The app icon is nice and discreet too: no one would suspect a thing!


    Of course, rarer file types aren't compatible. The storage space is limited quite severely in the free version, but that's to be expected.

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    by Oliver

    Feb 25, 2015


    • With it, you can lock and manage your private photos, videos, text messages, voice recordings, notes, documents and other files very easily!
    • With it, you can store and view PDF, Text(can be created and edited), PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Html, Pages, Key, Numbers and play music very simply!
    • With it, you can do more things in one app and manage your life better!

    Manage Folders
    • Support subfolders
    • Hide folders
    • Create, Cut, Copy, Delete, Rename, Search folders
    • Multiple folders can be handled at a time

    Manage Files
    • Add photos, videos from computer, camera or photo library
    • Create audio files from recorder or computer
    • Create note of txt format or import any file from computer
    • Sort by Date, Type, Name, Size, Ascending or Descending(click again to switch)
    • Cut, Copy, Delete, Rename, Search, Hide files
    • Multiple files can be handled at a time

    Support Viewing many file formats
    • Photo: jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, tiff, jpeg
    • Video: mov, mp4, m4v, mpv
    • Audio: mp3, aiff, wav
    • Document: pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt, rtf, html, pages, key, numbers...

    • You can lock any category/user with passwords
    • With only one password, you can easily lock or unlock any folder
    • With the password of the current user, you can hide or show any folder/file
    • The Q&A for password resetting can be added or modified optionally

    Communicate with computer
    • Wi-Fi web access for download and upload. Support viewing files on browser and uploading multiple files at a time
    • USB Import/Export multiple files/folders from/to iTunes File Sharing
    • You can store any file you like, the importing files will be sorted automatically into 4 kinds: "Photo, Video, Audio, File"
    • The exporting files/folders will be merged into one folder called "Export" in iTunes. For security reason, they will be moved back to app once you stop exporting
    • Import/Export multiple files/folders from/to iTunes in current directory simply

    Manage users/categories and decoy users
    • Create, delete, edit users/categories or decoy users
    • Provide a public account to share your data between users/categories, you can see a public folder in each category/user
    • Provide decoy accounts to conceal your privacy for further protection. You can set passwords for Admin or the other users. If you are forced to open this app in some case, the decoy accounts for Admin is a good way to hide your real private files. Click Admin account and enter the decoy passwords, which will guide app to display your decoy database(different from Admin's) only. So you don't have to worry about snoopers.

    • File name, size, type, modify date, create date, duration

    • Send files/folders via email
    • Send photos via MMS
    • Export photos/videos to photo library
    • Export files/folders to computer
    • Multiple files/folders can be handled at a time

    • Support, dot lock, password lock & Touch ID
    • Two interface modes: Grid and Table
    • Photo Slide Show, support background music and transition mode
    • Support Pinch and Double Tap to zoom
    • You can slide to set the background images while recording sound and reset them for any audio file
    • LongPress to enter folder while editing in Grid View
    • Files/Folders can be transferred between users
    • Support continuous shooting
    • Support setting colorful background images for notes
    • Support Retina Display totally
    • Support sliding to view the next or previous one in “Picture, Audio, File” functions

    • All of your data in this app is stored only in your device. We don't access or store your privacy.

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